Welcome to the how to guide for LeavePlanner Version 4. Here you will find instructions for basic and advanced LeavePlanner functions.

For a detailed page-by-page explanation and a glossary of terms see the User Manual.

Employee Guide

  1. Logging in to LeavePlanner
  2. View My Summary
  3. Viewing the Planner
  4. Creating Calendar Views
  5. Requesting Leave
  6. Requesting Allowance Change
  7. Authorising Requests
  8. Outlook add-in
  9. LeavePlanner App

System Administrator Guide

  1. Getting Started
  2. Creating Departments
  3. Adding your Employees
  4. Managing LeavePlanner Users
  5. Adding Low Cover Groups
  6. Allowance Change Requests
  7. Configure Intranet Integration
  8. Import Files