Use the Manage Requests page or click on the Alert icon to view pending requests that have not been approved.

Choose a Request

Sort Options

You can now change how the list of requests is sorted. Choose from the following options:

  • Leave start date (soonest leave)
  • Date requested (who requested this leave first)
  • Name
  • Department
  • Type of Request

View all requests

If you are a System Administrator or Department Administrator within LeavePlanner, then you will have access to display all pending requests, not just those you are the default authoriser for. You can select this option and choose any pending request to override the normal authorisation process where required.

Request Summary

Once you have chosen a request, you will see its details in the Request Summary page.

Current Leave Summary

The Summary page displays the dates requested, alongside the current leave summary. When viewing a request you will be able to see the totals for the current Leave Period:

  • Requested to date – Previously approved holiday.
  • Request total – Duration of this active request.
  • New Total – If authorised, the new total requested to date.
  • Allowance – Total allowance granted for this leave type. Only for leave types with an allowance
  • Remaining if authorised – Remainder of their allowance for this leave type. Only for leave types with an allowance


When the request is within all of the limits and restrictions you have configured, the request will display normally. Ocassionally a request may conflict with a Leave Blackout day, exceed the allowance, or breach the limit of leave per request. If so LeavePlanner will notify you of the warnings, shown in red on the Request Summary page.

Authorise / Decline request

If you choose to authorise the request, hit the green button at the bottom of the page and LeavePlanner will notify the employee.

Should you choose to decline the request, LeavePlanner can also pass on a message with the request declined notification. Enter a reason or a short suggestion in the text box before hitting the Decline request button to use this feature.