The Bulk Leave Request page is for booking leave (any Leave Type) for multiple employees at once. A typical example would be to book holiday for all employees on a date that must be taken as holiday, or book a whole department as absent on a training course (using custom leave types).

Making a Bulk Leave Request

On the Bulk Leave Request page, you need to choose the users included and then the usual leave options:

  • User picker – Choose employees on the left-hand side and hit the > arrow to add them.
    • To select multiples, hold down Ctrl or Shift whilst selecting. You can also click and drag the selected members.
  • Type of Leave – Select a leave type from this drop down (Holiday/Absence/etc.).
  • Leave start period date – The first day that you will be on leave.
  • Leave period – Select whether this will be on leave for a full or partial day.
  • Leave end period date – The final day you will be on leave (not the return date)
  • Leave period – Select whether this will be on leave for a full or partial day.

To select one day, enter the start and end periods as the same date and choose All Day. For just a partial day leave, choose the same dates and set both periods to Morning/Afternoon. These periods can differ depending on your organisation

Hit the continue button to see the Request Summary page.

Request Summary

This page will display all of the users you selected, their resulting allowance, and any warnings that this request has triggered. You can choose to enter a message to send to the selected employees, they will receive this as part of the request confirmation. The authorisation options allow you to put this through the usual authorisation process, or straight through as authorised leave. To confirm the request and submit this to be authorised, hit the ‘Request this leave’ button.