Low Cover Protection is a feature in LeavePlanner that prevents your teams being short-handed. For example, you might want to ensure that there is always someone from senior management present in your office; by defining the senior managers and selecting 1 ‘member must be available at all times’, LeavePlanner can either refuse requests or warn your authorisers about the situation.

Choosing a group

On the left-hand side you have a list of your Low Cover Groups, click on an existing group to edit, or hit the ‘Add new’ to create a group.

Configure a group

The right section displays the settings for the currently selected group. You have the following options:

  • Group name – Give the group a name, this will be displayed when a request is placed that breaches this protection.
  • Members – Choose employees on the left-hand side and hit the > arrow to add them.

    • To select multiples, hold down Ctrl or Shift whilst selecting. You can also click and drag the selected members.
  • You can filter by department to find employees easier, this will filter both windows; available and current members.
  • Provisioning – choose either the ‘At least’ number present, or ‘Up to’ the maximum absent employees.
  • Leave Requests restriction – Decide whether you want to stop employees’ requests, or allow them and warn authorisers.

Once you have made changes, use the ‘Save group’ button to submit them. If you want to delete the currently selected group, use the ‘Delete this group’ button.