Synchronising with a shared Outlook calendar

In order to synchronise your LeavePlanner calendar with a shared Outlook calendar, it is a simple as selecting the appropriate ‘Target’ folder:

In the Outlook addin, go to ‘Setup Account’ and then choose ‘Select’ to choose the target folder

You will now be confronted with all of your Outlook mailboxes and Calendars. Scroll until you see the correct calendar item, select it and then click OK
Nb. Shared calendars can be identified by the double ended arrow towards the bottom right corner of the icon.

It is advisable to make sure that ‘Include reason for Sickness when synchronising calendar entries’ is unticked. This will prevent the reason for sickness being shared with all users in the organisation.

Now you can click ‘OK’ and then ‘Perform Synch’ and you’re all done!

Full Day Calendar Events

The Outlook add in gives you the option to create ‘Full Day’ items in your Outlook calendar. Despite what you may think, a ‘Full Day’ item takes up less space in your Outlook calendar than leaving this option unticked.

Full Day events display at the top of your Outlook calendar and are grouped together. They are ‘Full Day’ because they don’t use the exact working period of each individual user that has booked time off.

Leaving the ‘Create Calendar Items as Full Days’ unticked will create periods in your Outlook calendar that match the specific time that employees are absent for on that day.